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First Chapter Critique



The first chapter of your book has to do a lot of heavy lifting, from introducing characters and conflicts, to setting the tone of the book, piquing interest, and making sure readers continue on to chapter two. This is especially tricky in fantasy and science fiction, where the world may be entirely speculative or plot points are centred around unfamiliar magic or technology.

In the hours writers spend reworking first chapters, it’s easy to lose perspective on what is or isn’t working, which information can be removed or what’s missing. Feedback specific to your first chapter will help you refocus on the essentials.

Your critique will address the following points:


  • Effectiveness of character introductions

  • How easily readers are grounded in the setting and time period

  • Ease of understanding the magic or technology being introduced

  • The rate of new information presented to readers

  • Promises and setups 

  • Questions presented to readers by the end


Please note, this service does not include line, grammar or spelling edits.



  • An EDITORIAL REPORT is a letter containing thorough and actionable feedback about your manuscript. It includes analyses of strengths and weaknesses in the text, suggestions for revisions that support your vision for the story, and suggested reading materials for further study. 
    The report for a first chapter critique is between 2,000 and 5,000 words long. 

  • MANUSCRIPT COMMENTS are made on the document itself and point to issues in the text, ask questions, show reader reactions or point out story craft that is particularly strong.

  • EMAIL FOLLOW-UP consists of two rounds of email questions and answers.
    You may ask as many questions as you would like clarified. 



$11 per 1,000 words

(prices in USD)



If you would like to book a first chapter critique, use the button below to request a quote.

The link includes a short questionnaire and a place to upload your manuscript.

This information allows me to perform a sample edit and tailor a quote to the needs of your novel. Once received, I will send the quote with your sample edit and further information within 24 – 48 hours.  

Ready to book?

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