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Black and white photo of Charlotte looking down at an axe, standing in front of an old-style world map against a brick wall.


Charlotte Wyatt is a writer and editor of fantasy and science fiction, and a lifelong student of storytelling. Having spent more than a decade critiquing peers and pursuing formal training, Charlotte now focuses on developmental editing and supporting other authors.

She was brought up on a healthy diet of action-adventure movies, fantasy novels and science fiction video games, all of which supported her love of writing and speculative fiction. ​Left alone for a few minutes, she would scrounge out some paper and a pen – or anything adjacent – and start writing another story. Notebooks were everywhere.​

​Charlotte gravitated towards editing as a natural extension of writing, drawn by the shape of stories and the puzzle of putting them together in a satisfying way. A love of learning has made lifelong study and practice a joyful part of the creative process.

​Charlotte thrives on tea and stories, book chats and study.

​* The axe is not her editing tool of choice. Promise.


  • Writing, Editing and Publishing, Curtin University

  • Literature: Medieval to Modern, Macquarie University

  • The Craft of Academic Writing, University of New England

  • Developmental Editing: In Practice, Liminal Pages (Sophie Playle)

  • Fiction Editing Masterclass, Renee Otmar Consultancy

  • The Art of Line Editing, Edit Republic

  • Certificate of Editing and Proofreading, Australian Online Courses

  • Various and continued training through editorial associations, EFA, IPEd, PEN, Editors Canada.

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A light brown greyhound sitting next to a much smaller and much fluffier black cat, both staring at the camera accusingly.



Charlotte lives in Australia with her family, some typewriters and more books than her house can reasonably handle.

Accompanied by a lazy greyhound,  a storm cloud of a cat and a needy turtle, her days are spent writing, editing and reading along to loud music (from soundtracks to folk to metal all in one playlist), stopping only to tend to the veggie patch, crochet some flowers or brew her dozenth cup of tea.

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